Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I cant live without

... the things I cant live without
Travel & Experience
We learn from what we see and know
Sete, France    Study Abroad 
Athens, Greece
Paris, France
San Francisco, California
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Guilford, Connecticut is the place I grew up and have lived my entire life. Most of my memories and things I cant live without come from my experiences at home. Growing up on the water made summers my favorite time of the year. Summer is something that I could never live without
Jacobs Beach
Thanksgiving tradition Gozy's turkey farm

Great Architecture

Being an architecture students means I have a strong position on what I think is good or bad architecture. This is a collection that I believe is very powerful work done by successful architects. I have visited all the these places and feel they have influenced the work I do.

Community Art

An ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard

...and all its unpredictability and beauty.

Mt. Snow, Vermont
Weather (and the effects of rain)

Diagram during La Nina showing the change of temperature of water off of South America from warm to cool.
Cloud Seeding- A form of weather modification to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispensing substances into the air that serves as cloud condensation or ice nuclei.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Fuller is a non-specialist who addressed the universe as a whole and who has the rare ability to think on a universal scale.  His goals were not to invent a new house, car or map but to anticipate the design science of the future developing ideas, designs and inventions regarding inexpensive shelter and transportation.

The Dymaxion House was designed and developed in the 40's with innovative features designed to be inexpensive to produce, purchase and assemble during a housing shortage. Fuller used his ability to design for the future to develop houses that could have changes the world of private housing.


Red Rock Museum, Denver, Colorado
"Architecture, like man, must tread lightly on earth, for the earth endures"

"Be the change you see in the world"

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