Sunday, October 31, 2010

Site Selection and Documentation

This is the first attempt to consider a site influenced by the concept of my thesis...


The essence of modern architecture is based on the boundary between continuous spaces with seamless connections. In architecture, this boundary is captured with the defense of the building skin to the exterior conditions of weather. Atmospheric architecture adapts the relationship between the physical boundaries of walls and the separation between inside and outside zones. The goal is to capture the essence of tangible architecture linking the conditions of exterior atmospheres with the built environment of interior conditions. These results directly depend on the unpredictable phenomenon of weather and the influences by the natural atmospheric conditions of the site.

Atmospheric architecture creates a controlled experience that reflects the interior and exterior atmospheres as one. Regenerating this relationship between a building and weather will provide a sustainable environment capable to portraying ideal interior and exterior conditions. Combining these forces of natural exterior atmosphere and artificial interior atmosphere will transform a total natural atmospheric architecture. Atmospheric architecture will allow the relationship between the built environment, enclosure and the weather to create social interactions in a comfortable condition. 

The criteria for my site must fit in a urban context with a strong relationship on to the water. This will allow the site to thrive off more extreme conditions rather then a site inland. The specific weather conditions of the site will play a strong role. The weather must contain fog, rain, wind, snow, sun and seasons to full prove aspects of my thesis.

Site #2- Sargent's Whaft, Boston, Massachusetts

Site Analysis

Site Data

Site #2
Site #1- Newfoundland, Canada

Site #1

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